About Us

About Us

Dr. Snitzer and Staff

Our Practice Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing our patients the most thorough, state of the art care for their dental problems. We will educate our patients about their condition, the cause of their condition and what their options are for treatment. We will do our best to make the patient’s experience comfortable and with as little stress as is possible.


Your safety is our primary concern. All instruments are sterilized and contaminated surfaces are disinfected between patients. We follow all recommendations of OSHA, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Dental Association.

Training and Education

Dr. Snitzer is committed to offer the most up to date techniques for implant restorations. Dr. Snitzer believes research belongs in controlled situations and not on patients - he is not the type to jump on a new technique’s bandwagon until this technique has been proven to be reliable.
When a new technique has been proven to offer benefits, then Dr. Snitzer will offer it to patients along with an explanation of the benefits and risks of this particular type of treatment.
Every year Dr. Snitzer far exceeds the requirements for continuing education required for maintenance of his dental license.


We embrace new technology with relish – but we are not willing to jump on new technology until it has been proven to be safe and worthwhile.
“The Wand” is a computerized syringe. It is best way to deliver dental anesthetic with the least discomfort possible. If you have ever had a dental injection on the roof of your mouth you probably are not looking forward to the next time this has to be done. Dr. Snitzer considers “The Wand” as the best investment he has made for the office. It makes injections on the roof of the mouth almost painless.
We use a diode laser when appropriate for surgical procedures. The laser eliminates bleeding and reduces post operative pain.
A cone beam CT scanner is available for the most accurate and thorough evaluation of complicated implant cases. Dr. Snitzer didn’t buy the first models to come out, but waited until the second wave of this technology that offers even shorter time for scans (as little as 8 seconds) and less x-ray exposure.
We have the software for computer guided implant placement. This allows pre-planning for optimal placement of dental implants for the best cosmetic and functional result. Treatment for even complicated cases can be performed in minimal time.
Digital dental radiography exposes patient to the least x-ray exposure. The x-ray images are immediately available on the computer screen in the treatment room.
Our office is designed for maximum patient comfort. Each dental chair is equipped with a flat-screen overhead monitor on which our patients can watch television or movies during their treatment.

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