Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Snitzer is the one of the most professional Dentists that you'd ever want to meet. From my first appointment, everyone in his office was absolutely wonderful. He personally called me to follow up after my procedures. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome."

"He is a truly outstanding doctor. The office is also the best I have observed in St. Louis: very efficient, friendly and attentive."

"What luck to be referred to this facility, this doctor - everyone here is outstanding in their specialty. Dr. Snitzer's cousin referred me to him. I love the other Dr. Snitzer too - he is my general dentist on Ballas; and he is a great find! This Dr. Snitzer is not only in process of doing an implant, but correcting a number of other oral issues. Each visit has been great. Very good at being kept informed at each process.

About Hygienist: After my first deep cleaning here, I asked that they do my cleaning exclusively. Gentle, thorough and timely. I thought it was going to hurt....but NOT! I am a fan of this office."

"I have a great fear of dentists. the doctor made me feel at ease. he saved my teeth. he has a wonderful staff. i would recommend him to everyone.

About Hygienist: the hygienist were great. my cleaning was no walk in the park. the kept me comfortable and did an awesome job."

"I would highly recommend Dr. Stephen Snitzer. A very likeable fellow that does excellent work. The staff at the office --- all of them --- are fabulous!"

"Dr. Snitzer is a great guy who was my dentist for over 10 years. I moved to Los Angeles and I wish that it were easy to find a replacement for him."
-Review Posted on Dr. Oogle

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