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Everyone was super nice. Dr. Binz was thorough in explaining the treatment plan, answered any questions I had with patience. The staff was extremely easy to talk to, which helped relieve any anxiety I had. I would highly recommend!!


I had an extensive treatment done with Dr. Snitzer. I couldn’t have asked for a better professional, or a better team. Dr. Snitzer, Brie, and others, including the staff, have all worked together seamlessly. Everyone’s professionalism was apparent and highly appreciated.


Dr. Best is so caring, careful, and thorough. I was nervous about the procedures I was seeing her for because I’d never had surgery of any kind before, but she put me at ease every step of the way. The results are incredible, and I had a rapid recovery (not guaranteed every time, obviously, but I think her work was a key part of it). I’m so glad I was referred to her.


Dr. Binz and her assistant were amazing. I was so embarrassed by how I let me teeth go and they made me feel comfortable and safe. They explained every step to me in great detail and constantly asked me if I was ok.  Excellent experience!


It was a real pleasure, and who ever says that about going to the dentist, right? Well, I CAN! Experienced, friendly, and best of all combined those words in to action leaving me knowing I was cared for and got the best treatment possible!Thank you Dr. Snitzer, Stephanie, Tessy, and the entire staff for all that you put into your practice, because it shines in your patients!


I really loved this office. Everyone was so nice.  Dr. Binz was very thorough with the way she explained everything she was doing and showing me. She let me know of the options I had and I felt very comfortable with her. The assistant was very nice and helpful as well. She seemed to go out of her way to talk to me and make me feel comfortable as well. Even the lady in the office that explained the projected cost was great. I definitely recommend it!


Dr Elizabeth Binz and Heather are REMARKABLE. I am so glad that this is who I was referred to. It was a good 2 hour procedure, and not the easiest, being a lower molar, all the bone graft & sutures. Amazing!! Should you be in need of a Periodontist.... This is the place to go!!


Dr. Binz has helped me get my gums back to a healthy state and I appreciate it. Everyone is very friendly and they all make you feel comfortable. Thank you Dr. Binz and staff.


This is the best dental provider that I have ever had.  The dentists are considerate and do their best to make it comfortable.  The entire staff from the front office to the techs are respectful and helpful.  I have been going here for about 3 plus years and I couldn't ask for any better care or concern.  I think very highly of this entire team.  I was blown away when I had oral surgery and that evening about 7:30 pm the doctor called me to check on my well being and comfort level.  That level of care is going over and above.


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