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By the time she was 6 years old, I knew my daughter would need an implant to replace a missing tooth. We watched, prepared, and waited for 11 years before the time came. I chose Dr. Snitzer because all 3 of our dentists don't just recommend him, they are also his patients. Our experience with Dr. Snizter and his entire staff was world class from start to finish!

Michelle M.

From the first call to Dr. Snitzer’s office to my final visit the care was exceptional. I was nervous going in but was quickly calmed. The efforts to prevent infection was also comforting. It was a painless and comfortable implant procedure. Recovery was a non-event, and Dr. Snitzer called me later in the day to find out how I was doing. I would rate 6 stars if was available.

Viki T. 

Dr. Snitzer and his staff have been taking care of my wife and my dental needs for over 15 years. He is a wonderful doctor and a very caring person when it comes to dental surgery and treating each patient in an excellent manner. His hygienist's are the best and his office staff is always willing to go the "extra mile" to help.

Gary H.

It was a real pleasure, and who ever says that about going to the dentist, right? Well, I CAN! Experienced, friendly, and best of all combined those words in to action leaving me knowing I was cared for and got the best treatment possible!Thank you Dr. Snitzer, Stephanie, Tessy, and the entire staff for all that you put into your practice, because it shines in your patients!

Patti M.

I was nervous about having an implant & I felt like I was in good hands every step of the way! I have had a great experience with everyone in the office. Dr Snitzer communicated openly with me & consulted with my dentist & orthodontist to ensure smooth transitions at every step. I was provided costs for all aspects of procedures & scheduling was easy. I highly recommend

Lisa M.

My experience with Dr. Snitzer along with his staff of professionals was outstanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Snitzer to anyone requiring oral surgery. He fully explained the process I would go through for my bone grafts and implants along with the expected time frames for having my permanent bridge in place. From the initial consultation and ongoing throughout the process he was reassuring and comforting. The actual surgery went extremely well. Dr. Snitzer was able to complete my bone grafts and implants at the same time. By following his explicit instructions my pain and swelling after surgery were kept to a minimum. I only needed to use ibuprofen to address the pain after surgery. Dr. Snitzer not only provided his cell phone number in case I needed to contact him with questions or concerns, but also called me at home after the procedure to see how I was doing. A few days after the procedure I contacted Dr. Snitzer on a Sunday with a question. He responded very quickly answering my concern and providing me with peace of mind. Over all a great experience!

Steve N.

Dr Elizabeth Binz and Heather are REMARKABLE. I am so glad that this is who I was referred to. It was a good 2 hour procedure, and not the easiest, being a lower molar, all the bone graft & sutures. Amazing!! Should you be in need of a Periodontist.... This is the place to go!!

Patti B.

Dr. Binz has helped me get my gums back to a healthy state and I appreciate it. Everyone is very friendly and they all make you feel comfortable. Thank you Dr. Binz and staff.

Shanna R.

The care I received from Dr. Stephen Snitzer and his staff was superb! I have had many dental procedures done in the past - extractions, crowns, veneers and root canals. The process of getting a dental implant with Dr. Snitzer was completely painless. He and his staff made sure I knew exactly what to expect during and after the procedure. I was comfortable and relaxed the entire time. After the dental implant procedure, I followed his directions exactly and had no pain or swelling! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Snitzer to anyone. And by the way, Dr. Snitzer provides you with his home and cell phone numbers - just in case you have questions or concerns following a procedure. He also calls in the evening to see how you are doing! It is rare to find such a skilled and caring doctor!

Joann S.

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